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  • Mick Bird has assumed the Managing Directorship at meat processing technology company MPSC Australia this month, following a distinguished career in the processing sector. Mr Bird is an Australian meat industry veteran who after serving in the Australian military, learned the meat and wool industries from the bottom to the top. Over the years he has served as director, general manager, plant manager and other roles in a number of prominent Australian lamb and beef processing companies including Gundegai Meat Processors, Woodward Foods, CRF/Australian Lamb Co, and Matisse Foods.  MPSC Australia is a meat science & consulting company that is best known for the development of the Rinse & Chill Technology which promotes ideal modulation of pre-rigor muscle pH and temperature in beef, sheepmeat, goat and pork.


  • Rinse & Chill®, certified organic by OMRI (USA) and Australian Organic


  • Read Australian Meat News – March 2016 on Rinse & Chill®, the vascular rinsing technology from US-based, MPSC Inc. which yields better meat quality.
  • USDA Lamb and Goat No Objection status



  • New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) No Objection status received in 2013
  • First New Zealand lamb implementation in May 2013


  • FSIS No Objection status received for Pork in 2013
  • About Rinse & Chill

    The primary purpose of Rinse & Chill is more effective blood removal and to optimize ideal pH levels. The result—cleaner, better quality meat that is more tender and palatable.