Better Meat through Better Processing.

Fast Facts

Fact Sheet: Benefits of Rinse and Chill®


The Rinse & Chill® technology and system is a well-researched and federally approved red-meat slaughter technology that more thoroughly removes unwanted blood, optimizes ideal pH levels and carcass temperature.  The result is beef, bison and lamb products that are safer, cleaner, more consistently tender and better tasting.  In taste tests with discriminating chefs, Rinse & Chill was shown to consistently enhance the palatability of the meat, from steaks to burger.  Rinse & Chill also offers a significant point of difference at retail.  The visual appeal of consistently bright color, coupled with improved tenderness and flavor, provides strong opportunities for branded, case-ready beef, as well as traditional, commodity-type meat products.

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Fact Sheet: A Major Advancement in Meat Safety


University studies have shown that Rinse & Chill® reduces bacterial contamination on carcass beef, as well as in vacuum-packaged and ground beef.  Research conducted by University of Minnesota researchers during the four-year USDA Commercial Trial demonstrated that Rinse & Chill inhibits coliform bacteria, including E. coli. Most of our client establishments also report lowered bacterial counts on carcass surfaces during ongoing, standard testing procedures.

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Fact Sheet: How Rinse & Chill® Works


Today, our customers are mostly small and mid-sized meat processors.  Many are purveyors of Natural meat products.  Rinse & Chill® helps them deliver on their commitment to produce safe, wholesome and great-tasting meat.  Prestigious grocers Lund’s and Byerly’s, along with many others across the USA, carry the world’s first fresh, case ready ground bison courtesy of Rocky Mountain Natural Meats, an MPSC Rinse & Chill client.

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Fact Sheet: Tested, Proven, Government Approved


Rinse & Chill® has been approved by government regulators in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Japan.  It is a thoroughly tested, safe, effective and proven process.  It has been used millions of times in numerous plants, and has a proven track record of safety and effectiveness. There is a full-time, trained and certified Rinse & Chill technician in every customer facility to ensure that Rinse & Chill is helping to achieve high levels of safety and wholesomeness.

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  • About Rinse & Chill

    The primary purpose of Rinse & Chill is more effective blood removal and to optimize ideal pH levels. The result—cleaner, better quality meat that is more tender and palatable.