Better Meat through Better Processing.

Take Rinse and Chill for a Test Drive

“Test Drive” Rinse & Chill®

This North American based 48-foot trailer houses a state of the art Rinse & Chill System.  Its purpose is to allow interested slaughter establishments to test Rinse & Chill on their beef, in their facility under their particular conditions.

In Australia and New Zealand, we offer a similar opportunity to bring a Rinse & Chill system directly to interested companies.

The Rinse & Chill service is a proprietary pre-rigor technology that delivers real, measureable benefits.  The basic process involves rinsing a super-chilled isotonic solution containing dilute concentrations of Internationally GRAS listed, approved substrates (glucose electrolyte) through the carcass, improving sanitation, meat quality, palatability and appearance.

MPSC’s Professional Field Operations Team looks forward to helping you quantify the benefits of Rinse and Chill via a free demonstration. Email us to set up a demonstration at your plant, today.

  • About Rinse & Chill

    The primary purpose of Rinse & Chill is more effective blood removal and to optimize ideal pH levels. The result—cleaner, better quality meat that is more tender and palatable.