Sustainable Improvements

MPSC, sustainable improvements from plant to planet.™

Over 30 years ago at MPSC, Inc., we developed and commercialized a nature-based, clean label technology like nothing that existed in the marketplace at the time.

What’s more, Rinse & Chill® improves meat processing plant efficiency by raising meat yields per animal at the carcass stage and then again at the fabrication and deboning stage. Energy efficiency is improved on a per animal basis because of the chilling effect Rinse & Chill® has on the animal immediately after slaughter and Rinse & Chill’s® ability to quickly eliminate metabolic heat from muscle cells.

All of the efficiencies add up, creating the potential for a plant’s water and carbon footprints to be reduced as a result of the yield and refrigeration gains achieved through Rinse & Chill®. In other words, the amount of water and energy per pound of meat is lower through Rinse & Chill® than through business-as-usual processing. The result is more sustainable meat products that customers expect and conscientious consumers demand.

Rinse & Chill® Sustainability Impacts In The Plant

  • Food Waste Avoided Due To Rinse & Chill’s Yield Gains:

    Up to 2.16 million kgs more meat as a result of up to a 5% yield improvement based off hot carcass weight.

  • Energy Saved:

    Up to a 16% reduction in energy for refrigeration.

  • Emissions Reduced:

    Up to a 16% reduction in emissions associated with refrigeration energy use.

  • Water Saved:

    Up to 2% less water used for the processing of each pound of meat and less water usage during the plant sanitization process.

Based on plants processing 600 beef cattle/day, average size 545 kg.

All numbers are estimates of the potential for improvement and will vary by customer according to individual plant conditions and local utility costs. Click here for more details on the methodology and sources for calculating potential improvements.

Imagine the impact these sustainable improvements could have for the global meat industry if scaled from Plant to Planet. Rinse & Chill® can scale improvements to be part of the solution for reaching industry-wide sustainability goals, helping to achieve:

  • Reductions in harmful emissions such as methane and CO2
  • Water conservation
  • Improved biodiversity and land use

Rinse & Chill Sustainable Improvements from plant to planet™

Meat products that are processed using Rinse & Chill® have several sustainability benefits.

    • Respect for Animals

      Rinse & Chill® helps plants achieve higher meat yield per animal, demonstrating respect for the animal that gave its life

    • Doing More with Less

      Higher yield means the potential for fewer animals to achieve the same level of meat production

    • Respect for Employees

      Rinse & Chill® results in notable ergonomic advantages for meat processors, improving not just throughput but also health and safety and the quality of work life inside the plant

    • Higher quality, more sustainable meat

      Rinse & Chill® helps provide conscientious consumers with high quality products that align with their values

    • Respect for Nature

      Rinse & Chill® creates yield gains that help to use natural resources more efficiently, meaning less energy, water, and carbon emissions per pound of meat

    • Improving Yields

      Results in less food waste at the plant level

    • Longer Shelf Life

      Reduces retailer and consumer food waste

    • Improved Carcass And Offals Chilling

      As much as 8 hours faster chill