Customer Stories

The Best Meat Quality

I love Rinse & Chill.

Our customers tell us we have the best meat quality and lowest bug counts. We won't run our plant without it.

Doug Nicholas Chief Operating Officer, Nicholas Packing Company

Strengthening a Long-Standing Partnership

We have had a long standing partnership with Rinse & Chill which has continued to strengthen over many years.

Their product and ability to work with our company's individual needs has made the relationship extremely beneficial for both parties.

Jonathan Ralph Director, Ralphs Meat Company, Victoria, Australia

Rinse & Chill Saved My Business

MPSC first came to me in 2006 with a proposal to demonstrate Rinse & Chill.

I still kick myself for not grabbing it then. Fortunately today we have it on both our beef and lamb and it saved my business over the past couple of years, while trading conditions crashed to some of the worst in history. Rinse & Chill delivers value and quality to Eversons and also to our customers. We'd be out of business without it.

Stafford Everson Owner, Everson Food Processors, Frederickton, NSW Australia

Improving Sustainability

Rocky Mountain Natural Meats has rinsed all bison purchased using MPSC's technology since September of 2000.

Rinse & Chill® has resulted in cleaner carcasses, lower bacterial counts, longer shelf life, a juicier lean ground product, improved flavor profile and more consistency overall. At Rocky Mountain Natural Meats, we aim to offer a high quality product built on the legacy of bison's role in the American landscape and the ranchers who are stewards of their land and herds. Rinse & Chill® helps us bring this conservation mindset a step further by reducing energy use in processing through faster chilling and eliminating food waste through extended shelf life. We are convinced that utilizing Rinse & Chill® is another positive and innovative step toward improving the value and quality of the bison we offer our customers.

Robert J. Dineen President, Rocky Mountain Natural Meats

Expanding business with Rinse & Chill

We have been using Rinse and Chill for over 10 years now, they have been a great partner.

We have been able to expand and grow our capacity and they have kept up with our growth well, they have a great operation and great technology, also their service is second to none.

Jason Beyer Owner, CEO ABF Packing

Getting products to market Quickly & Efficiently

Bison is a small—but growing—segment of the North American meat industry.

Our small size and dispersed geographical footprint creates challenges in getting our products to market quickly and efficiently. Having an all-natural technology that can help extend shelf life and product quality provides a valuable alternative for processors and marketers throughout our business.

Dave Carter Executive Director, National Bison Association

An Integral Part in Delivering Consumer Consistency

At Canada Lamb Processors we are focused on the 'Art Science and Design of great tasting Lamb'.

MPSC's Rinse & Chill technology plays an integral part in our ability to deliver to consumers with consistency, our SunGold brand of enhanced fresh grain finished Lamb, with the highest quality attributes for taste, tenderness, juiciness and color along with extended shelf life.

Introducing new technology into day to day operations can be challenging in spite of the best laid plans. I can honestly say the installation, implementation, training and follow up has been the smoothest I've ever been a part of thanks to the great folks at MPSC. Their preparedness and execution, working closely with our team, resulted in achieving optimized production in a just few short weeks.

I am a believer in every way.

Miles Kliner General Manager, Canada Lamb Processors Ltd., "SunGold" Premium Lamb