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We are pleased to offer you the following scientific, trade and other useful information regarding Rinse & Chill® technology. For further information, don't hesitate to reach out to us on the contact us page.

  • Carcass Temperature Reduction Study

    Data obtained from cull cow carcasses processed in a large commercial cull cow/bull establishment showed an average temperature decline advantage of 13°F in Rinse & Chill treated carcasses compared to controls (n=19, P<0.05). The rinsed carcasses chilled significantly faster and showed greater temperature uniformity in deep round temperatures, but a larger sample size will be needed to confirm this trend.

  • Lamb Meat Yield benefit of Rinse & Chill®

    Rinse & Chill® has the potential to increase the yield of lamb carcases by 3.2%.

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  • Frozen Lamb Retail Shelf-life & Quality

    Another groundbreaking lamb shelf life study with U Melbourne’e meat science team shows how Rinse & Chill and Vacuum Skin Packaging can be used in the lamb industry, especially in the supply chain of the frozen-thawed lamb, to deliver a more consistent quality at the retail point.

  • April 2022 Journal of Animal Science and Technology Review

    Comprehensive and useful review of Rinse & Chill technology in multiple species by well known Korean Meat Science experts.

  • Rinse & Chill Effects on Meat Quality from Cull Dairy Cows

    Rinse & Chill technology has commercial potential for its ability to accelerate the pH decline and improve meat tenderness.

  • Salmonella Reduction in Lymph Nodes

    AMSA RMC Poster from August 2021, detailing some of the early stage research into examining salmonella reduction in internal lymph nodes using Rinse & Chill. The study applied a novel lymph node inoculation technique developed by Dr. Guy Lonergan at Texas Tech, using goats and standard Rinse & Chill solution. Believed to be the first application of this inoculation technique in meat safety research.