Cleaner, Safer,
More Tender and Flavorful,

all-natural meat through better science and technological expertise.

Why Rinse & Chill®?

The Success of Rinse & Chill®

is built on industry-leading science and technology.

Improved harvest procedures more thoroughly remove residual blood, optimizing meat quality and improving safety.

More About the Science

Benefits of Rinse & Chill®

    • Food Safety

      Reduces bacteria during slaughter and in final meat products

    • Thoroughly Tested

      Approved by leading government authorities worldwide after decades of R&D and testing

    • Better Meat Quality

      More consistently tender, brighter color with longer shelf life

    • Nutritious & Natural

      Nutritional content is unchanged and no residues are detectable

    • Customer Satisfaction

      Better quality helps retailers and restaurants secure repeat customers

    • Excellent Shelf Life

      Scientific data and empirical experience prove longer shelf life

    • Clean Label

      No detectable residues mean no significant chemical differences or retained moisture

    • Solid Science

      Scientific data from major universities prove Rinse & Chill® is effective

    • Food Safety

      Scientifically proven to reduce microbial counts

    • Excellent Value

      Rinse & Chill® offers yield improvement and adds value

    • Leading Technology

      Substantial investment in R&D means constant innovating and improving

    • Trusted Partner

      We are dedicated to helping our clients grow and prosper

The most thoroughly investigated technology to be approved by USDA-FSIS

– Robert D. Ragland, D.V.M., Former Senior Staff Officer, USDA-FSIS, when the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service granted full "no objection" status to Rinse & Chill®

Customer Praise

Expanding Business

with Rinse & Chill®

We have been using Rinse and Chill for over 10 years now, they have been a great partner. We have been able to expand and grow our capacity and they have kept up with our growth well, they have a great operation and great technology, also their service is second to none.

- Jason Beyer, Owner / CEO ABF Packing
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