Our History

Decades of Effort Yields the Most Innovative and Impactful Slaughter Technology Available

The technology that became known as Rinse & Chill® began decades ago as a collaboration between science and industry folks in Latin America, the U.S. and Germany. They had a vision of enhancing meat quality and safety by improving the way meat is processed. The focus was on improving tenderness and flavor, while benefiting other attributes like extending shelf life. This required several rounds of capital investment. Years of university research, Pilot Programs, foreign operations, and extensive testing ensued. Rinse & Chill® won full USDA "No Objection" status in 2004 and is now in use in a growing number of abattoirs, primarily in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Rinse & Chill® is patented and owned by MPSC, Inc. of Hudson, WI.

MPSC's Evolution of Success

  • 1980’s to mid-1990’s

    The Early Years

    Early investors, USDA Pilot Programs, and foreign operations developed the original version of the technology.  Later, new management led by investor Warner Ide pushed forward. Dwight Packard and Tres Lund joined in. The Company moved in a new direction.

  • 1994-2004

    Early North American Regulatory and Commercial Milestones

    Kansas State and UMN research answered and resolved USDA questions. Commercial Trial commenced in 2000; favorable microbial reductions, zero residues and retained moisture data led to other establishments and USDA “No Objection” status in 2004. 

  • 1996-2003

    Australia Leads the Way

    MPSC Australia was founded by John Marlette, who obtained key authorizations at State and Federal levels, along with the first commercial use in domestic beef establishments.  Rinsed Australian grass fed beef enjoyed growth and success.

  • 2005-2010

    Building on Early Success

    AQIS, Japanese and Canadian “No Objection” status; Tier 2 AQIS status and beef export.  Rinse & Chill® expanded into several more U.S. and Australian Commercial establishments. Science peer reviewed and published. Profitability achieved, debt retired.

  • 2011-2017

    Solid foundation brings new opportunities

    Lamb R&D led to commercial establishments in NZ, AU and Canada. Beef MSA criteria met. USDA Pork, Sheep & Goat Organic Certification. UWisc and UMelbourne began research. Pork R&D, first commercial pork establishments.  Significant company growth occurred. Most major retailers and QSR’s used R&C product.

  • 2014-2015

    First Commercial U.S. Market Hog and Sow R&D

    As part of an R&D initiative, MPSC implemented small systems in a small market hog plant and a small southern sow sausage establishment.  Initial data sets were favorable, along with new awareness of areas to improve upon.

  • 2015

    First Canadian Beef Implementation & Lamb Demonstration

    The first Canadian beef implementation of Rinse & Chill® took place in Saskatchewan. The first demonstration project of lamb rinsing took place in a lamb abattoir in Alberta. Photo:  Left – With Rinse & Chill® ; Right – Without 

  • 2016

    First Commercial U.S. Lamb Establishment & UW Sow Study

    Mountain States Rosen implemented Rinse & Chill®, reducing shrink, lowering bacteria counts, improving color, tenderness and extending shelf life.  UW Madison Sow study in conjunction with a large Wisconsin sausage company took place.

  • 2018

    First Canadian Lamb Abattoir Implementation

    Sungold Meats, Ltd. finished optimization of new kill floor, implemented Rinse & Chill®.  Product quality improved, shelf life extended significantly.

  • 2018

    “HSAM”: First High Speed Application Machine

    MPSC’s efforts over half a decade resulted in the first implementation of a novel, patented “HSAM,“ a 13 head per minute lamb rinsing machine at Hardwicks Meatworks in Kyneton, VIC.  A game changer.

  • 2019

    First U.S. Commercial Sow and Boar Plant

    Further refinements of Rinse & Chill® for pork led to a more substantial test in a major sow slaughter establishment, leading to yet further improvements.

  • 2019

    New HQ takes us into the future

    In 2019 we moved into our new North American headquarters, a facility that allows us to continue to add world class executives and personnel to our team, conduct R&D and engineering, and increase capacity.

  • 2020

    First HSAM in Beef

    First plant implementation of HSAM on a beef chain running at over 1000 head per day.