Better Meat through Better Processing.

Lund Food Holdings, Inc.

The following is a letter written by Russell T. Lund, President and CEO

Russell_LundJanuary, 2003

Lund Food Holdings, Inc. has followed the progress of MPSC and its Rinse and Chillâ„¢ technology throughout the years of growth and development. We tested beef product produced via Rinse and Chill in our stores early on and realized the benefits of extended shelf life and improved tenderness. Recently, data from the University of Minnesota proved that Rinse and Chill technology is a viable antimicrobial intervention at the processing facility. Through the years of diligent research and testing, MPSC created a system of delivering benefits starting with the producer on up through the retailer and the consumer. We firmly believe in the benefits this technology provides at the retail level in terms of food safety, shelf life and tenderness. The MPSC Rinse and Chill technology will be incorporated into our meat operations as soon as it is readily available in our market.

Russell T. Lund
President and CEO
Lund Food Holdings, Inc.


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  • About Rinse & Chill

    The primary purpose of Rinse & Chill is more effective blood removal and to optimize ideal pH levels. The result—cleaner, better quality meat that is more tender and palatable.