Better Meat through Better Processing.

Engineering / Design

The Generation 4 Rinse & Chill® system is the most stable and capable to date:

  • Full automation for real time, daily remote monitoring and support
  • Superior levels of sensitivity and flexibility
  • Substantially improved highly consistent chilling benefits
  • Interlocks for sanitary application
  • Automated CIP with HACCP based logging of data
  • Highly consistent and controllable results
  • Patented radio frequency identification (RFID) process control and data recognition
  • Multiple redundancies
  • Eliminates error at enhanced production rates
  • Meets and exceeds the demands of today’s modern production environment
  • About Rinse & Chill

    The primary purpose of Rinse & Chill is more effective blood removal and to optimize ideal pH levels. The result—cleaner, better quality meat that is more tender and palatable.