Lamb Meat Yield Benefit of Rinse & Chill®

Rinse & Chill® has the potential to increase the yield of lamb carcases by 3.2%.

Lamb Cutlets

The aim of this project was primarily to estimate the effect of RCT on lamb HSCW, whilst investigating the impact of the RCT on chiller shrink, pH decline and purge of a forequarter cut, the square cut shoulder.  Lamb HSCW was increased by 700g (s.e 48), similarly, CCW was also increased by 700g (s.e ± 89) increasing yield by 3.2% for 22.0 kg carcases. There was no significant effect of treatment on chiller shrink, or purge. The pH temperature decline data completed on a subset of carcases demonstrated that treated carcases had a more rapid pH and temperature decline and pH at 24h tended to have a lower pH than control carcases.

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