Fact Sheet: Tested, Proven, Government Approved

Rinse & Chill® is a thoroughly tested and well proven process that has been approved by leading government authorities worldwide.

The technology has been approved by Health Canada, Australia’s DAFF-Biosecurity (formerly AQIS,) New Zealand’s MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries,) Japan, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Canadian review of this technology spanned several years and included a Novel Foods evaluation, as well as visits by CFIA personnel to USDA establishments utilizing the technology.  The US experience included decades of pilot programs, academic research, and several years of commercial trial at three plants on a variety of animal types.  Much of the published science on Rinse & Chill® was generated by researchers at Michigan State University, the University of Minnesota, Kansas State University, and Minnesota’s Agricultural Utilization Research Institute.  According to Kansas State Professor Emeritus James L. Marsden, “R&C produces the cleanest carcasses possible.” Former USDA-FSIS official Dr. Robert D. Ragland, D.V.M. says Rinse & Chill® is the most thoroughly investigated new technology to be approved by the Agency.”

As of today, millions of beef, lamb and hundreds of thousands of other red-meat species, such as bison, have been slaughtered using the Rinse & Chill technology and commercialized successfully globally, with no food safety issues reported.

All of the ingredients in the Rinse & Chill® rinsing solution are approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and are internationally GRAS-listed, common food-grade ingredients. They are classified as substrates, meaning they are fully metabolized, leaving no detectable residues.

Once installed, there is a full-time, trained and certified Rinse & Chill® technician in every customer facility.  The process is continuously monitored, with regular validation tests performed confirming that Rinse & Chill is properly operated, helping to achieve the highest levels of safety and wholesomeness possible.