Rinse & Chill Effects on Meat Quality from Cull Dairy Cows

Rinse & Chill® technology has commercial potential for its ability to accelerate the pH decline and improve meat tenderness. The accelerated drop in pH may avoid the risk of cold-induced shortening (toughening) that produces tenderness issues, especially in cull dairy cow carcass that have limited external fat. Rinse & Chill® appears to accelerate rigor mortis development thereby limiting muscle shortening. Rinse & Chill® has the ability to improve color by enhancing mitochondrial activity and oxymyoglobin formation. Muscles or areas of a muscle that are deep within the carcass may realize a color benefit from Rinse & Chill® relative to more effective chilling compared to conventional chilling. This technology also has potential to decrease lipid oxidation by removing prooxidant metal ions associated with heme pigments. Rinse & Chill® can be used on beef from Lean and Light cull dairy cow marketing classes and packers can expect similar meat quality benefits from the process.